Branding – Castle Clout Marketing

Created copywriting, package art, sellsheet design, mini website, marketing plan and video teaser.

A sample of marketing materials for the release of the game Castle Clout.


Created text and layout for the print package:

Demolish the Castle and Topple Your Enemies!

Travel in time to a medieval battlefield and conquer the kingdom with your mighty trebuchet. The Castle Clout Trilogy gathers all 3 versions of the castle-smashing game into one epic collection! Enjoy the classic gameplay of Castle Clout 1 & 2, or launch into a New Age with Castle Clout 3:

BUILD & SHARE LEVELS: Make amazing structures using 3 wall materials and 6 characters.
150 LEVELS PLUS CUSTOM MAPS: Blast through over 150 levels of medieval mayhem plus unlimited shared levels.
12 SPECIAL AMMO TYPES: Crush enemies with boulders, bombs, gliders, triple missiles and more.

• 150 levels of castle-crashing fun to conquer
• Build, share & play unlimited custom maps
• Easy-to-use controls—just aim, set & launch
• 12 special missiles including bomb, plague, & more
• 6 backgrounds & fun enemy-squashing sound effects


Press release for the iOS release:

An accompanying email newsletter for the same game:

A followup article on the Selectsoft website:

Castle Clout mini-website design and content creation:

Video teaser that I directed for the game’s sequel, Castle Clout 3D:

Sellsheet for the 3DS release: