Copywriting – Selectsoft

A sample of marketing text and package art created for assorted Selectsoft titles.

Designed the series look and feel, created a brand logo, wrote marketing text, and created package art for the SelectGuard line of PC utilities:

SelectGuard File Cleaner

Deleting files in Windows doesn’t erase them completely from your hard drive. Using simple programs, it’s easy to recover deleted data even from “wiped” drives. With SelectGuard’s File Cleaner you can switch between 8 different methods to overwrite your deleted files and make sure they’re really gone forever. Plus, you can even send would-be data thieves a message by overwriting your files with any text, audio or video file you want.

• Quick and easy to use
• Safe and secure
• Prevent data recovery after deletion
• Easy-to-use interface
• Low system resources required
• 8 different overwriting methods, including random data and Gutman
• Easily rename files before deleting
• Write a program report to the history file
• Clean the Recycle Bin
• Save and load project file lists
• Install the program on hard drives, USB sticks or nearly any other rewritable media and take it wherever you go

Wrote marketing text and created package art for the Atlantis Adventure hidden object game:

Was Atlantis a nation of sea-going adventurers who braved storm and shipwreck? Were the Atlanteans an advanced people, their cities filled with luxuries and wonders? Some say Atlantis was a beautiful paradise, a land of beaches and lush vegetation. Perhaps some traces of the ancient land still linger. It’s up to you to find out. Race to beat the clock in timed mode, or play in casual mode for a relaxing journey. Over 1000 carefully placed objects plus fun sliding tile puzzles!

Created the marketing text for the Girl Detective series, as well as the series logo and package art:

Dark secrets in the City of Light!
When a computer accident sends Julia hurtling through time, she ends up lost in the middle of Jazz Age Paris. Confused and disoriented, Julia soon finds herself embroiled in the biggest art scandal in the city! Now she has to track down a thief and recover the stolen items, or she’ll never return to the present. Though since she’s fallen in love with a young French artist, maybe staying in the past wouldn’t be so bad after all…
Slip into another time as you travel through a city of artists and bohemians. Two separate storylines will challenge your deductive skills as you search for clues, interrogate suspects and collect evidence. Can you crack this caper and get the goods or will you be left holding the bag?

• Two different storylines to solve
• Interesting trivia about the era
• Immersive environments
• Colorful characters
• Unique details bring the culture, politics and ideals of the Twenties to life

Created the press release, marketing text, logo and package design for Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa:


Solve a Time Travel Mystery!
Travel between the past and present to solve a dastardly crime! The Mona Lisa has been stolen and scattered through history by the mysterious “Time Chameleon.” Use your hidden object skills to search scenes for clues and open a pathway through time. Watch as the modern world fades and a bygone era emerges. You never know where you’ll end up next, from a medieval garden, to Edo-era Japan, to the Taj Mahal and beyond. It’s up to you to recover the painting before the damage to the timeline is irreversible!

• Watch scenes transform between the present and the past
• Play again and again—it’s never the same adventure twice
• Discover 20 exotic destinations around the world
• Fun mini-games and thousands of hidden objects

Press release at PRWeb.

Created the marketing text for 101 DinoPets, a casual game for PC and Nintendo 3DS:

What’s even more fun than a puppy for a pet? Your very own dinosaur! With 101 DinoPets 3D, you can have a dino friend to care for, teach, play with and love, all in amazing 3D. Choose from over 101 entertaining dinos—or simply adopt them all!

Play a game of fetch in the park or teach your dino to dance, jump and fly. Reward your pet with a treat after each trick! Enter your dino into pet shows to earn toys, food, clothing and furniture, then dress up your pet with hats, glasses, shirts and more. Watch your dino up close and personal, as you zoom in, zoom out, tilt and rotate in real 3D. Enjoy fun minigames as you take your dino to the vet for checkups, give it a bath, romp in the yard and more.

You’ll never be bored with over 101 dino friends to groom, pamper, play with and love!

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