Print – Game Packaging

Package design for Kids’ Sudoku:


Package design, logo creation and copywriting for the Girl Detective series:


A summer of love…and mystery!
Julia is a typical teen dealing with typical things: homework, parents and a crush on the hottest guy at school. But that all changes when a computer accident sends her spinning through time! Trapped in San Francisco during the 1960s, Julia discovers that someone is trying to change history and keep her parents from ever meeting. Now it’s up to her to find the guilty person and fix the past–or she might not have a future!
Slip into another time as you travel with Julia through a flower-powered San Francisco. Two separate storylines will challenge your deductive skills as you search for clues, interrogate suspects and collect evidence. Will you solve the mystery, or is this trip going to be a total drag?

• Two different storylines to solve
• Interesting trivia about the era
• Immersive environments
• Colorful characters
• Unique details bring the culture, politics and ideals of the Sixties to life

Four Up! title and package design, plus marketing copy:


Get four in a row? Seems easy enough. But it may not be so simple to get four first! After all, every move you choose can also help your opponent get ahead. It takes quick wits and a sharp eye to watch the board and avoid being tricked. But pick the right way to build your line of four and you can come out on top before anyone even notices that you’re ahead! Across, diagonal, down…or up! Four Up is a great strategy game that’s fun in any direction!

Selected game title treatments: