Writing – Veeda Newsletters

Wrote articles for Veeda newsletters, which were sent using MailChimp and posted on the Veeda blog. These posts were a mix of natural living and health tips, company news and community updates, in keeping with Veeda’s focus on natural feminine care products.

Healthy New Year Resolutions (You’ll Actually Keep)
New Year resolutions. Easy to make, hard to keep. You signed up for the gym membership and vowed to cut out sugar, but now it’s getting harder to make it to yoga on time and you’re eyeing that chocolate bar at the checkout counter.

Live Green with 7 Healthy Habits
Whether it’s Earth Day or not, here at Veeda we know that going green isn’t just good for the environment, it’s also good for us. So here are 7 of our favorite healthy, eco-friendly habits!

7 Tips for Happy Skin
Did you know that 99.6% of women have skin sensitivity? Veeda makes products for some of your most sensitive areas, so we’d love to share our favorite tips for keeping your skin happy and healthy.

The Truth about TSS
TSS. It’s on the info sheet that comes with every tampon, but how many of us know what the letters really mean?

Spreading the Word About a Healthier Choice
We’d like to shine a spotlight on all the Veeda reviewers and fans who have taken the time to help us spread the word about healthy choices for periods. Menstruation is not the easiest word to say or topic to discuss. But when you think about how central it is to women’s health, suddenly it feels like something we should be comfortable talking about.

Extending a Helping Hand
Veeda recently donated a few cases of tampons to The Friendship Room, a local drop-in center in Morgantown, WV that offers support to mentally ill adults.